June 28


 June 28

by themillionairedrive

In the clandestine corridors of financial deception, the audacious con job known as Traders Domain stands as a startling reminder of the extremes of human greed. The mastermind behind this extravagant ruse, Canadian miscreant Ted Safranko, cleverly crafted an old-school Ponzi scam, shrouding it with the allure of a cutting-edge technology platform.

Astoundingly, Traders Domain successfully siphoned off a mind-boggling sum of $500 million, and that was in cryptocurrency transactions alone. This whopping figure unveils the depth of the fraud, illustrating the vast number of unsuspecting victims who were drawn into this duplicitous trap with the bait of profitable returns.

Ted Safranko Smiling Scamming Everyone:

Ted Safranko

Financial Ruin in the Aftermath of Traders Domain

The dark saga of Traders Domain reached its climax in the frosty months of 2022. When the deceptive scheme crumbled, it revealed a shocking financial abyss with an estimated $3.3 billion in unfulfilled ROI liabilities. This alarming amount is a testament to the monumental magnitude of the scam, reflecting the heartbreaking financial fallout endured by its victims.

The Unlikely Perpetrators: Figures from the MLM Industry

The Traders Domain Scam

Adding a surprising twist to this sordid narrative were the major players from the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry. Traders Domain, while not an MLM Ponzi scheme itself, proved to be an irresistible lure for several notorious figures from this arena, who were attracted to the scent of easy profits.

The Reckless Promotion and the Betrayal of Trust

These prominent MLM individuals didn’t merely invest their capital in Traders Domain. They wielded their influence, promoting the scheme to others as a path paved with gold. In their reckless pursuit of wealth, they gambled away their reputations and shattered the trust of those who had been manipulated into falling for the scam.

Unraveling the Web of MLM Connections

The Traders Domain MLM Connection

In my search for truth, I began piecing together the intricate puzzle of MLM Ponzi schemes that seemed to be financially fuelling Traders Domain. This deep dive exposed the nefarious network of fraudsters either spearheading or endorsing these scams. The suspected MLM links to Traders Domain started to take a more concrete shape, adding another layer of complexity to the deception.

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Lifting the Veil on the MLM Power Players

Now, we go deeper into this mire, unmasking the key MLM players who had a hand in the Traders Domain charade. Here are the individuals who reportedly benefitted the most from the operation, each with their respective cut of the deceitful pie:

The Traders Domain Holton Buggs

  1. Holton Buggs ($125,289,105)
  2. Michael Shannon Sims ($84,739,551)
  3. Gilbert Pardla ($59,142,707)
  4. Stormy Wellington ($26,540,315)
  5. Earlene Buggs ($17,404,854)
  6. Law Payne ($15,909,642)
  7. Eric Worre ($14,615,225)
  8. Alan Bagamaspad ($8,615,024)
  9. Robert Rakowski ($8,314,789)
  10. Rabu Gary ($7,539,343)
  11. Alexis Romano ($7,061,124)
  12. Marina Worre ($6,895,623)
  13. Alayna Stepter ($5,939,846)
  14. Travis Bott ($4,958,288)
  15. Jeremie Sowerby (estimated $4,500,000)
  16. Eduard Khemchan ($4,489,949)
  17. Savvy Wallet ($4,336,635)
  18. Nicola Smith Jackson ($4,238,715)

The audacity of these individuals in partaking in the Traders Domain Ponzi scheme reveals a blatant disregard for the innocents ensnared in the scam. Their names will now be indelibly linked to one of the digital age’s most notorious scandals.

Coffeezilla: The Unveiler of Hidden Facts

The full extent of the MLM involvement in Traders Domain remained largely hidden until an internet whistleblower, Coffeezilla, stepped into the spotlight. On June 22nd, this tireless crusader began to unravel the intertwined connections of Traders Domain in a captivating three-part series.

Coffeezilla’s investigative work exposed a whole new dimension of betrayal and corruption, delivering a shocking blow to those who still held any illusions about this scandal. The disclosures were more incriminating than anyone had anticipated, effectively dismantling the lies and unveiling a grim chapter in the annals of financial fraud.

Below is Coffeezilla’s video series exposing everything:

Part 1 – I Exposed a $500,000,000 Scam

Part 2 – Exposing a $500,000,000 Scam Gets Dangerous

Part 3 – I Destroyed a $500,000,000 Ponzi Scheme

Reflections on The Traders Domain: A Cautionary Tale

The saga of The Traders Domain offers us a grim glimpse into the world of financial manipulation and the extremes of unbridled greed. It’s a chilling reminder of the importance of wariness, skepticism, and thorough due diligence when faced with enticing investment opportunities.

From the orchestration of the scam by Ted Safranko, to the reckless promotion by MLM figures, to the financial destruction left in its wake, the Traders Domain saga is a sobering lesson in the depths of deceit that can be concealed behind the glamorous facade of technology and promises of quick returns.

In the midst of this dark tale, there is a glimmer of hope – the relentless quest for truth by individuals like Coffeezilla. Their dedication to uncover and expose scams is a testament to the enduring pursuit of justice, ensuring that such wrongdoings do not fade into oblivion.

As we move forward, let this serve as a stern warning – easy money often comes at a high cost. Approach such opportunities with caution, conduct meticulous research, and remember the lessons from Traders Domain’s downfall.

Traders Domain will forever be a symbol of deception and betrayal. However, it also marks a critical turning point, a call to vigilance for all investors in the unpredictable, multifaceted realm of digital finance.

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Hi, I'm Jesse

I'll show you exactly how you can build a profitable business online step by step with no fluff.  This is EXACTLY the method where I went from a car mechanic to building a 7 figure business online.  Now I am going to show you!

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