January 11


 January 11

by themillionairedrive

Welcome to my Rivebga Review!

There has been some buzz about this cryptocurrency opportunity where they are pulling in some crazy returns so I decided to investigate what it was all about.

Chances are someone approached you about this opportunity or you saw some kind of ad and now you landed on this review.

First of all, great job on actually doing your research before blindly jumping into something.

So many people never do their diligence.

Just to get this out of the way, I am NOT an affiliate so I am not going to ask you to join.

Watch out for affiliate reviews as well because they want to make a quick buck off you specially if it’s a scam.

Just PAY close attention and read this to the end…

What is Rivebga Review?

Rivebga review

Rivebga claims to be a trading company that is reliable and apparently has some effective security technologies.

Now read this “Our Values” section and I see a problem with it…

Let me know if you see it…

We have always followed a client-oriented approach and placed our clients’ interests at the center of all our operations. Rivebga Trading team has a goal to be among the best online trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry and to retain our reputation as a most reliable and trusted partner

Now if you don’t see the issue, that’s fine because that’s why I am here.

They talk about how their are client focused and do all these amazing things but there is no information on who runs or owns the company.

The d0main “rivebga.com” was privately registered on October 23rd, 2022.

If they cared so much, who are they?

Personally I never join anything where I don’t know the leadership, but let’s keep going in this Rivebga.com review…

What Are Rivebga Products?

Rivebga scam

Rivebga has no retail products or services, but you can become an affiliate and promote their affiliate membership.

From there you can also invest into the company and start making some serious dough…

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How To Make Money with Rivebga.com Review?

Rivebga has two ways you can make money with the company.

First way is to invest into the company on a promise you will get some kind of return.

Second way is to recruit new people who invest and earn a commission.

When it comes to their investment plan, you just need to drop $100 minimum and you can make anywhere between 12.8% to 64% after a day.

Kinda crazy if you ask me.

Now for their affiliate program, they just pay you 5% commissions on the investments of anyone you personally sponsored.

Cost To Join Rivebga Reviews?

Rivebga affiliate membership is free, but if you want to be part of the investment opportunity, you gotta drop $100.

Alright for my final verdict…

Final Verdict

Does the Rivebga scam exist?

Let’s just look at the facts…

First wed one know who runs or owns the company which is a huge red flag.

Second, they have no evidence of how they are producing those crazy returns.

Plus to offer those kind of returns they need to register to a financial regulator which they are not.

What I do see is new investments paying off existing members which makes this company a ponzi scheme.

Once recruitment slows down, the company will exit scam.

Seriously, 64% after a day is not sustainable.

Personally, I wouldn’t join this thing, instead, check out my number 1 recommendation below:

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See you at the top,

-Jesse Singh

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