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 March 3

by themillionairedrive

Welcome to my unbiased Perfect Blogging Review!

Let’s set the scene: You’re lounging in your go-to spot, with your laptop open and a cup of affordable, yet delicious coffee by your side.

Why is this the case?

Because you’ve taken the plunge into full-time blogging. It’s an enviable life where sharing your interests from any location is not just possible but your daily reality.

In the blogging world, you call the shots.

Deadline pressures? Only the ones you impose on yourself.

What to wear? The dress code is as relaxed as it gets – hello, pajamas!

Picture turning your hobbies into a source of income. Whether it’s about style, gastronomy, or simply enjoying leisure, there’s a crowd waiting to consume your content.

Granted, the journey begins with budgeting closely, but as you explore avenues like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and Google Adsense, the financial tide turns in your favor.

Yet, it’s a path filled with its own set of hurdles, from navigating technical challenges, mastering SEO, to ignoring naysayers.

So, why venture into blogging? That’s exactly what we’ll delve into with this critique of Perfecting Blogging.

We’ll demystify aspects of Sophia Lee’s blogging course, addressing questions such as:

  • What is Perfecting Blogging?
  • Who Runs Perfecting Blogging?
  • How Does Perfecting Blogging Work?
  • Cost To Join Perfecting Blogging
  • Final Verdict

But first, let’s briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Sophia’s course.


  • SEO Mastery: Sophia equips you with strategies to elevate your blog’s visibility and attract a wider audience through effective search engine optimization.
  • Economically Viable: The course’s one-off payment scheme makes it accessible even on a shoestring budget.
  • Tailored for Newbies: Designed with the novice blogger in mind, the course simplifies the learning curve for those without a technical background.


  • Antiquated Methods: Certain strategies and tools recommended in the course may not align with the latest technological advancements.
  • Income Potential Constraints: With a primary focus on ad revenue and affiliate marketing, there might be limitations on how much you can earn.
  • Basic SEO Introduction: The SEO training provided is quite foundational, potentially leaving novices puzzled by more complex challenges.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the Perfecting Blogging course review…

What is Perfecting Blogging?

Perfect Blogging Review

Perfecting Blogging, conceived by Sophia Lee, is a comprehensive course aimed at empowering bloggers to monetize their passion. It encapsulates the tactics Sophia utilized to escalate her blog to a lucrative business.

Designed with beginners in mind, the course spans various aspects such as niche identification, keyword research, web design, content strategy, and monetization avenues through affiliate marketing and ads.

Structured into distinct modules, each focusing on a specific blogging facet, enrollees will gain insights into:

  • The fundamentals of SEO
  • Monetization techniques
  • Community support via the Perfecting Blogging Facebook group

Offering a robust foundation for newcomers, the course promises to equip them with the essential tools to kickstart and expand their blogging endeavors. Nevertheless, it may not cater to those with a grasp on the basics or in search of more sophisticated SEO and online income strategies.

Who Runs Perfecting Blogging Review?

who is Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee stands at the helm of Perfecting Blogging, showcasing her diverse talents as a blogger, entrepreneur, interior designer, course developer, and influencer. She has a proven track record of transforming concepts into profitable projects.

Originally named Sophie Zang, she earned her BS in Interior Architecture with a Business minor from Concordia University in Wisconsin. Her entrepreneurial spirit was nurtured through a cooperative education program.

Sophia embarked on her blogging voyage from her college dorm, inaugurating “By Sophia Lee” in August 2017. Her blog, focusing on home management, decoration, and organization tips, was already a financial success by her graduation.

Hi, I'm Jesse

I'll show you exactly how you can build a profitable business online step by step with no fluff.  This is EXACTLY the method where I went from a car mechanic to building a 7 figure business online.  Now I am going to show you!

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Cost to Join Perfecting Blogging Reviews?

In 2024, enrolling in Perfecting Blogging comes with a price tag of $247, up from its earlier $169. The course supports various payment options, including PayPal, Google Pay, and different credit cards, granting lifetime access to all course content and future updates.

Participants dissatisfied within the first 30 days, provided they haven’t progressed past Unit 1, are eligible for a refund.

What You Get With Perfecting Blogging?

Perfect Blogging Scam

The Perfecting Blogging Master Course unfolds as follows:

  • Module 1: Course introduction, requirements, and an overview of Sophia Lee’s journey in blogging.
  • Module 2: Steps to forging a successful blog, with emphasis on choosing the right niche.
  • Module 3: Key website design elements, selection of themes, fonts, blog names, and visuals, along with branding strategies using Canva and Adobe Illustrator. It also covers creating an About page and options for anonymous blogging.
  • Module 4: Techniques for content planning, keyword research, and blog posting strategy, addressing issues like plagiarism and unique URLs.
  • Module 5: Overview of vital tools, formulas, checklists, and the application of Thrive Architect.
  • Module 6: Examination of blog monetization strategies, featuring soft selling techniques and insights from Sophia’s experience with Mediavine.
  • Bonus Sections: Extra resources for those interested in Perfecting Blogging affiliate opportunities, inclusive of printables, worksheets, and lectures on backlinks, plugins, and traffic generation.

Final Verdict

Is the Perfecting Blogging course by Sophia Lee the ultimate blogging course investment?

While blogging presents a viable route to online income, it demands constant effort in content creation, updates, and SEO optimization, similar to other blogging courses.

The key difference from a conventional 9-5 job lies in the flexibility of dress code and work environment, though it often entails solitary work.

If you’re comfortable with that setup, Perfecting Blogging could well be your gateway to blogging success.

Hi, I'm Jesse

I'll show you exactly how you can build a profitable business online step by step with no fluff.  This is EXACTLY the method where I went from a car mechanic to building a 7 figure business online.  Now I am going to show you!

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