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 January 9

by themillionairedrive

Welcome to my IX Global Review!

There has been a lot of buzz about this app based personal development platform and I decided to take a closer look.

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and now you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Not only that you will find out of iX Global is real or fake opportunity.

Just make sure you PAY close attention and read this to the end…

What Is iX Global Review?

iX Global Review

It’s 2020 and iX Global has just arrived on the scene, ready to shake things up from their base in the bustling state of UT. And at the helm of this innovative company is none other than the fearless leader, Joseph Martinez. As the founder and CEO, he’s ready to take iX Global to new heights (and maybe even conquer the world… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

iX Global Joe Martinez

So buckle up, folks, because iX Global is coming in hot!

Well, that’s what it seems like at least…

Okay let me get more serious now…

iX Global claims that it’s mission is to make a huge different in the world through their revolutionized global education system.

Once you buy one of their subscription products, you become a member which is called Brand Ambassador.

Before I jump into the products, let me get into the joining process…

How To Join iX Global Reviews

Want to know how to join iX Global?

Alright, pay close attention…

To join iX Global, you must become a Brand Ambassador by purchasing a subscription and staying active with your membership by paying a monthly fee.

This process can be done on the iX Global website (ixglobal.us).

As a Brand Ambassador, you are able to sell iX Global products and build a downline in order to earn commissions.

It is important to note that these opportunities are available to members who choose to become Brand Ambassadors.

What Are iX Global Product Subscriptions?

So, you might be wondering what iX Global has to offer.

Well, here’s the deal: they don’t have any physical products, but they’ve got a ton of online services that might interest you.

First up, there’s their Human Development offerings. These include personality development, professional coaching, mindset training, leadership training, consciousness, health and nutrition, group and individual counseling, elite entrepreneur services, and digital marketing courses.

But wait, there’s more! (I know sounds like this late night TV infomercials).

They also have a Financial Development program that includes fin-tech services, a financial academy, live market education, live trading sessions, and alerts for things like binary options, foreign currency, games, and crypto. Plus, they’ve got copy trading and automation bots too.

So there you have it! iX Global has a lot of different online services but the issue really is the fact their isn’t anything at the retail level and they decided to mess with trading bots which ALL have been a scam so far.

What Are iX Global Affiliate Ranks?

Just wanted to give you a quick rundown of how iX Global handles its ranks for Affiliates. They’ve got a few different ways to measure progress, and here’s the scoop:

First up, there’s PV (Personal Volume). This is basically a set number of points that you earn every time you make a purchase. These points are used to figure out different income opportunities.

Then there’s GV (Group Volume). This one is all about your downline – it’s calculated based on the total sales volume of the people you’ve enrolled. And for affiliate ranks, iX Global uses the PV of personally enrolled members.

Affiliate RanksRequired GV
Executive Coach10,000
Regional Influencer50,000
Global Influencer100,000
Master Influencer250,000
Presidential Influencer500,000
Elite Influencer1,000,000


iX Global Compensation Plan

Just wanted to give you the rundown on the different ways that affiliates at iX Global can earn some dough.

Here’s what they’ve got:

  • Direct Bonus: For every product sale, iX Global gives affiliates a $15 commission. And if your referrals keep renewing their subscriptions, you’ll earn $15 every cycle (which is a 4-week period).
  • VIP Bonus: This one is all about your enrollment tree – meaning the people you personally refer and their referrals. You can earn extra cash based on how many people you’ve got in your tree.
  • Team Commission: This one is based on the sales volume of your team. The more you guys sell, the more you earn.

Now when an affiliate does generate the required PV from their downline members, you get a certain bonus rewarded.

  • OGV (Organization Group Volume): Total PV of all downlines are calculated in OGV.
  • MAU (Monthly Active Users): It is calculated as downline active members in downlines.

LevelBonusOGV RequiredMAU
VIP 100$100360 – Level 14
VIP 500$4501,080 – Level 212
VIP 1,000$9003,600 – Level 340
VIP 2,000$2,00010,800 – Level 4120
VIP 4,000$4,00022,500 – Level 5250
VIP 8,000$8,00045,000 – Level 6500

Alright the OGV requirement denotes the minimum OGV required from respective downline levels.

Just wanted to give you a little more info on how you can earn Team Commissions as an affiliate at iX Global.

Here’s the deal:

To get this income, you’ll need to create two sales teams: left and right.

When you enroll someone new, you can choose to put them on either the left or right team.

And it’s important to keep both teams going strong.

At the end of each cycle (4-week period), the reward plan will pay you a percentage of the weaker team’s total PV (Personal Volume).

The percentage ranges from 10% to 20% depending on your current rank.

Just keep in mind that there are caps on how much you can earn from Team Commissions per cycle based on your rank.

RankTeam CommissionCapping per Cycle
Executive Coach10%$10,000
Regional Influencer15%$50,000
Global Influencer15%$100,000
Master Influencer15%$250,000
Presidential Influencer20%$500,000
Elite Influencer20%$1,000,000

Okay, just wanted to give you an example of how Team Commissions work at iX Global.

So let’s say you’re an Influencer and you’ve got a total of 10,000 volume in your left sales team and 6,000 volume in your right sales team. In this case, you’ll get 15% of the 6,000 volume on the right team (the weaker team) as your Team Commission.

That works out to $900.

Final Verdict – iX Global Scam?

The question is, does the iX Global scam exist?

Let’s just look at the facts shall we?

First Joe Martinez has promoted shady businesses in the past like Kuvera Global which has been rebooted and called iGenius.

Second, they are into AI trading bots which 100% of the time has been a ponzi scheme so far.

iX Global isn’t registered to sell securities in the US, UK, or really anywhere else.

They say they have this “self-managed account service,” but it turns out they use some undisclosed third-party bot instead.

So, basically nothing is self-managed.

They still get you to pool your money with them, whether it’s through your own account or theirs, and promise you a sweet 5-30% return each month.

Just keep in mind that this kind of secrecy and potentially misleading advertising could be considered securities fraud, which is illegal. Just a heads up!

All in all, I personally wouldn’t join this thing…

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See you at the top,

-Jesse Singh

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