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 April 23

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Welcome to my Functional Medicine Fast Track Review

Chances are you came across this on social media or maybe some where else and now you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through what I know so you can make the right decision.

Just make sure you pay close attention and read this to the end…

What Is Functional Medicine Fast Track Review?

Functional Medicine Fast Track Review

Garric Vosloo is a health professional who wants to share his experience with online functional medicine.

He knows firsthand how it can change your life and multiply your income.

FunctionalMedicine Fast Track is a program that provides functional medicine training and mentorship, clinical and business systems, and done-with-you marketing.

The Functional Medicine Fast Track reviews speak for themselves – it’s helped Garric and many others get extraordinary results for their patients, work from anywhere in the world, create a scalable income, lower their stress, and improve their own health.

Garric’s Story 


Four years ago, Garric sold his brick and mortar practice in South Africa and moved to the States with his family.

Since then, he’s built a seven-figure functional medicine business entirely online, with the help of Functional Medicine Fast Track.

Garric’s journey began when he was struggling to make ends meet in his South African practice.

He was working long hours and feeling burned out.

One day, he stumbled upon an online training program for functional medicine and realized that he could apply these principles to his own practice.

After completing the training, Garric began implementing functional medicine principles in his practice and saw incredible results. Patients were getting better, he was able to work from anywhere in the world, and his income increased dramatically.

But Garric realized that he wasn’t the only health professional struggling with burnout and financial stress.

That’s when he decided to start FunctionalMedicineFastTrack to help other health professionals like him transform their practices and their lives.

Success Stories – Functional Medicine Fast Track Reviews

One of his success stories is Dr. Dyana Haley, a physical therapist who was completely burnt out and disillusioned with her large conventional medicine practice.

Now, thanks to Functional Medicine Fast Track and Garric’s mentorship, she has a thriving online functional medicine program that has completely rejuvenated her without any of the stress of her old practice. Another success story is Dr. David Johnson, who was struggling to attract the right patients to his practice.

With the help of Functional Medicine Fast Track, he was able to develop a marketing strategy that helped him attract high-paying patients who were committed to their health.

Functional Medicine Training and Mentorship

Functional Medicine Fast Track scam

The functional medicine training and mentorship provided by Functional Medicine Fast Track is designed to help health professionals transition to an online practice and implement functional medicine principles in their work.

The program includes training on topics such as nutrition, lifestyle, and lab testing, as well as mentorship to help health professionals develop their skills and grow their practices.

Clinical and Business Systems

Functional Medicine Fast Track also provides clinical and business systems to help health professionals streamline their practices and improve patient outcomes.

The program includes systems for patient intake, follow-up care, and communication, as well as business systems for billing and marketing.

Done-With-You Marketing

Finally, Functional Medicine Fast Track offers done-with-you marketing to help health professionals attract the right patients to their practices.

The program includes strategies for building a strong online presence, developing a content marketing strategy, and using social media to reach potential patients.

The Cost Functional Medicine Fast Track Review

But is it worth the $12,000 price tag? This all depends on your goals and I highly recommend checking out their website to see if they are the right fit for you.

The Value of Mentorship In Functional Medicine Fast Track

Garric’s Functional Medicine Fast Track reviews speak to the value of the program.

He knows from experience that the right mentorship and training can make all the difference.

That’s why he calls it Functional Medicine Fast Track – he doesn’t want other health professionals to go through the challenges, heartache, and investments that he went through.

By working with a mentor like Garric, you can get personalized guidance and support as you transition to an online functional medicine practice. This can help you avoid common mistakes and accelerate your progress toward building a successful practice.

Functional Medicine Fast Track Conclusion

If you’re a health professional looking to transition to an online functional medicine practice, Functional Medicine Fast Track is a program worth considering.

With functional medicine training and mentorship, clinical and business systems, and done-with-you marketing, the program can help you get extraordinary results for your patients, work from anywhere in the world, create a scalable income, lower your stress, and improve your own health.

While the $12,000 price tag may seem steep, the value of the program and the potential for increased revenue make it a worthwhile investment.

Now personally, there are better ways to launch a business regardless of your niche that won’t cost you $12,000 and my opinion is better because it helps you with mindset, the actual skills needed to launch a business online and the support system and community to make sure you are on track, keep reading to learn more on my number 1 recommendation…

What do I Recommend?

I personally recommend something that doesn’t require trading your time for money and is for complete beginners with huge potential and earning potential, click the red button below for a free training on it.

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-Jesse Singh

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