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BitBirth Reviews

Welcome to my BitBirth Review!

With the buzz I’ve been hearing about this company lately, I figured it was time for another review!

Perhaps you have been approached by an affiliate trying to sponsor you or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of this company, but either way, you want to know more, right?

I’m glad you are here!

Reading this blog is a great way to research this company before jumping in because too many people rush into new companies and end up losing their investment.

In this blog post, I will tell you all about the company, the products and the compensation plan so you can make an informed decision of whether to join this company or not.

Let’s get to it!

What Is BitBirth?

BitBirth Review

If you check out the BitBirth website, you will see that the company presents themselves as an investment opportunity to multiply your bitcoin.

“Why should you use BitBirth? High returns on your Bitcoin and high commissions for referrals. Have you been waiting on a stable platform, to receive bitcoin daily! Well…. BitBirth is the answer! How Long Will BitBirth Be Around? As long as cryptocurrency is around, we will be here too.”

Reminds me of DavorCoin.

The Company

BitBirth doesn’t offer any information on their website about the owners or operators of the company.

I did manage to find out that the BitBirth website domain was registered privately as “” on the 30th of December, 2017.


BitBirth products

BitBirth does not offer any retail products or services for its affiliates to purchase or sell.

Affiliates who want to join BitBirth simply market the company membership.

Compensation Plan

To take part in the compensation plan, BitBirth affiliates are required to purchase positions in a 3×2 matrix cycler.

Investment Opportunity

A 3×2 matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix that has 3 positions immedaitely underneath them.

These first 3 positions make up level one of the matrix and level two is created by dividing these first 3 positions into an additional 3 positions each, for a total of 9 positions.

Affiliates earn commissions as they sponsor new affiliates to fill positions in the matrix.

Matrix positions are filled by position purchases made by new company affiliates.

The amount of commission that an affiliate earn depends on the cycler tier they buy in at:

  • Basic – Positions cost $50, pays a $300 commission
  • Starter – Positions cost $100, pays a $585 commission
  • Premium – Positions cost $200, pays a $1200 commission
  • Deluxe – Positions cost $500, pays a $3000 commission
  • Gold – Positions cost $1000, pays a $5100 commission
  • Diamond – Positions cost $2000, pays a $10,200 commission

Referral Program

Affiliates can also earn referral commissions which are paid when personally sponsored affiliates buy a cycler position:

  • Basic – $5
  • Starter – $10
  • Premium – $20
  • Deluxe – $30
  • Gold – $100
  • Diamond – $150

What Is The Cost To Join Capital Expanse?

The cost to join BitBirth as an affiliate is at least one $50 to $2000 matrix cycler position purchase.


BitBirth claims that its affilaites can “2-10X YOUR BITCOIN!”

While that may in fact be the case, the company fails to mention that this is only possible through a Ponzi and pyramid scheme.

The cyclers that BitBirth uses has its affiliates join up and pay a fee, and then sponsor new affiliates to collect a portion of the fees paid by these newbies.

Once enough positions are filled, affiliates earn a commission and the cycle repeats itself.

If you follow the money trail, you will see that the only source of money coming into the company is from new affiliates, which is used to pay existing affiliates.

Additional commissions are paid out when personally sponsored affiliates buy positions, adding another layer to the fraud.

But as we’ve seen before, once new affiliate sponsorship slows down, so will the income coming in.

Once this happens, these types of companies inevitably collapse.

This is when the anonymous admins of the company will take of with whatever money they have made, leaving most of the company affiliates high and dry.

While some early-joining members may make some income, the majority will lose their investment.

I hope you enjoyed my BitBirth review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…


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