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 December 21

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Welcome to my unbiased All Capital Review!

The latest crypto MLM on the scene has been creating quite a stir, so I thought it would be worth taking a deeper look into what it’s all about.

You might have heard from someone about this opportunity, especially about their passive returns and their own cryptocurrency, named ACAP. And now, here you are, looking for an unbiased perspective to see if it’s a legitimate venture.

Well, you’re in the right place. I’m going to guide you through a detailed review of the company, including its products and compensation plan. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether joining is a good move for you.

So, stay focused, read carefully, and let’s dive into this ALLCapital review all the way to the end!

What is ALL Capital?

All Capital Review

When looking into ALL Capital, one immediate concern is their rather vague description of what the company actually does. Vagueness in a company’s core operations description can be a red flag, as it often indicates a lack of transparency or clarity about the business model.

Let’s examine what ALL Capital claims:

The realization of All Capital’s design requires a well-designed, efficient and flexible underlying software platform that provides the necessary advice and tools for the integration of artificial intelligence agents into the network. Creating a platform that fully embodies the All Capital concept will be a mid-term effort, but since its development in August 2019, significant progress has been made. This section describes in a moderate depth the software framework of the latest platform beta version released in February 2023, and then makes some higher-level observations about the ChatGPT access function and web3.0 improvements to be added after the beta version.

The person at the helm of ALL Capital is reportedly a founder named Dorfman.

Dorfman CEO All Capital

However, the ambiguity surrounding his name – whether Dorfman is a first name without a last name, or a last name without a first name – is intriguing and unusual.

My investigation into Dorfman’s background and past achievements turned up empty. There seems to be no information available about him outside of his association with ALL Capital. This absence of a verifiable track record or digital footprint is a significant red flag, as it raises questions about the legitimacy and transparency of the company’s leadership.

Further scrutiny revealed that ALL Capital operates under two domains: “” and “”. Both of these domains were privately registered on the same day, August 25th, 2023. This recent registration contradicts the company’s claim of having been in development since August 2019. Such inconsistency between their stated history and the actual registration dates of their online presence is another concerning sign, casting doubt on the credibility of their narrative and operations.

Kind of reminds of another opportunity I reviewed called FenixStart.

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AllCapital.World Products?

All Capital operates without any retail products or services on offer. The primary opportunity they present is for individuals to become affiliates and promote their affiliate program.

After signing up as an affiliate, you’re given the option to invest money into the company. In return for this investment, All Capital promises some form of daily return. This setup is typical of many MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) structures where the focus is more on recruitment and investment from affiliates rather than selling actual products or services to the general public.

Making Money With Review?

All Capital offers two primary methods for individuals to earn money within the company:

  1. Investment Plans: The first method involves investing in one of their plans. Upon investing a minimum of 100 Tether (USDT) or more, affiliates are promised up to a 2.4% daily return. This aspect of their operation is where affiliates put in their money with the expectation of a regular, guaranteed financial return.

  2. Recruitment Commissions: The second method to earn money is through recruitment. By recruiting new people into All Capital, affiliates can earn a commission. This is a common feature in many MLM schemes, where a significant portion of potential earnings is tied to the ability to expand the network by bringing in more participants.

An important detail to note about their system is the payout method. When affiliates decide to withdraw their funds, they are paid in ACAP Tokens, which is All Capital’s own cryptocurrency. The use of a company-specific cryptocurrency for payouts is an interesting twist, as it ties the value of the return to the performance and credibility of their proprietary digital currency. This could add an extra layer of risk, as the value and usability of ACAP Tokens are likely to be highly dependent on the success and market acceptance of All Capital’s platform and operations.

ALL Capital Scam

ALLCapital.World Compensation Plan

All Capital’s compensation plan is divided into two main components: direct referral commissions and ROI match.

  1. Direct Referral Commissions: In this part of the plan, if you recruit someone into All Capital (your personally sponsored affiliates), and they invest in USDT, you earn a commission. Specifically, you receive 30% of the USDT amount that your recruits invest. This is a significant percentage and is indicative of the emphasis the company places on recruitment and expansion of its affiliate network.

  2. ROI Match: This aspect of the compensation plan allows you to earn commissions based on the returns (ROI) that your downline members (those recruited by you and by your recruits) make. The ROI match is distributed across three levels:

    • Level 1: Earn a 15% commission on the ROI of affiliates that you have personally sponsored.
    • Level 2: Earn a 7% commission on the ROI of affiliates sponsored by your direct recruits.
    • Level 3: Earn a 3% commission on the ROI of affiliates at the third level of your downline.

This tiered structure of ROI match commissions incentivizes not just the recruitment of new affiliates but also encourages ongoing investment and active participation by the downline members in the company’s investment plans. It reflects a typical MLM strategy where benefits are structured to promote growth in both the number of affiliates and the volume of investment within the network.

Joining All Capital Reviews?

Joining the All Capital affiliate program doesn’t cost anything. However, to participate in their investment opportunity and potentially earn returns, you need to invest a minimum of 100 USDT.

This is where things get crucial. Unlike other reviews of All Capital you might find, I’m committed to providing an honest and transparent assessment. The truth about this opportunity, its risks, and potential rewards will be laid out clearly in the final verdict.

So, it’s important to focus here and understand every aspect that will be discussed. Stay tuned for the straightforward insights coming up in the conclusion.

Final Verdict – SCAM or Legit?

Evaluating whether All Capital might be a scam requires a careful look at the available facts:

  1. CEO’s Lack of Public Profile: A significant concern is that the CEO of All Capital, known only as Dorfman, appears to have no presence or history outside of the company. This lack of verifiable information about the person leading the company is a major red flag, as it suggests a lack of transparency and accountability.

  2. Unclear Business Operations: There’s a lack of clarity about what All Capital actually does to generate the returns it promises to its investors. When a company’s business model is vague or not understandable, it often indicates that the returns might not be coming from legitimate or sustainable business activities.

  3. No Regulatory Registration: All Capital is not registered with any financial regulatory authorities to offer securities. This non-compliance with financial regulations is a serious issue, as it means the company’s financial activities are not being overseen by any governmental body to ensure they are legal and fair.

  4. Ponzi Scheme Characteristics: The apparent reliance on funds from new investors to pay returns to existing members is a classic hallmark of a Ponzi scheme. Such schemes are inherently unsustainable, as they collapse once there are not enough new investments to continue funding returns.

  5. Risk of an Exit Scam: The likelihood of an exit scam increases significantly when recruitment and new investments slow down. In such schemes, the operators often disappear with whatever funds are left, leaving investors with losses.

Based on these points, it is advisable to approach All Capital with a high degree of caution. The evidence suggests that this could very well be a Ponzi scheme. If you’re considering investing, it’s important to understand the high risk of losing your investment in such a scenario. I do not recommend getting involved with All Capital if you are concerned about the potential for being “rug pulled” or defrauded.

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-Jesse Singh

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Hi, I'm Jesse

I'll show you exactly how you can build a profitable business online step by step with no fluff.  This is EXACTLY the method where I went from a car mechanic to building a 7 figure business online.  Now I am going to show you!

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